Worm Gearbox

SGR worm gearbox features a high torque capacity – 2 to 3 times higher than normal worm gears. As a premier worm gearbox manufacturer, SGR has introduced three vital equipment: double enveloping worm gear reducer (series C), worm reduction gearbox (series NMRV) and double enveloping worm gear.

Every SGR worm gearbox is optimized for heavy duty and high torque applications. Also, their transmission efficiency is 5 to 10% higher than other worm gearboxes.

Series C:Double Enveloping Worm Gear Reducer

All SGR double enveloping worm gear reducer features a 4-axis linkage, T2 ≤ 160 000 Nm toque range and ≥ 10 speed ratio.

Series C: Double Enveloping Worm Gear

SGR double enveloping worm gear designed to be used alongside the double enveloping worm gear reducer…

Series NMRV : Worm Reduction Gearbox

SGR worm reduction gearbox (series NMRV) is popular for its flexibility, adaptability and efficiency.

Series RH: Precision Worm Gear Reducer

SGR RH series high precision worm gearbox , wide use in high precision working environment .

Series C+N: Worm Plus Planetary Gearbox

SGR design Worm Plus Planetary Gearbox main purpose is meet customers requirement for high torque and low output speed .

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