Stepless Variator
Output speed170-1000 r/min
Ratio range 1.4-7
Input power0.18‐7.5KW
Mounting position B3,V5 etc
Casting Aluminum or Iron
Permit torque range1.5-118 N. M
Stepless Speed Variator Feature :

SGR Stepless Speed Variator , Planet friction mechanical infinite stepless mechincal variator consists of compressed driving device, a friction drive mechanism and a speed regulation control mechanism
Stepless mechnical variator mounting position has Foot-mounted and Flange-mounted for choice . standard input power from 0.18 to 7.5kW , output  torque: range from 1.5 to 118 Nm
SGR variation is elegant profiled, simply and reasonably structured
Stepless Speed Variator wide combination with 4-pole motor , gearbox etc .

Key Features
  • Modular design, combined gearbox , motors etc .
  • Meet various output speed  Application
  • Various speed for choice .