SGR Gearbox & Speed Reducer

SGR manufactures and supplies a wide range of gearboxes and motors. Every SGR gear box or motor is designed for specialized applications such as reverse rotation, change direction, reduce speed or increase torque. SGR has also adopted a high quality manufacturing process that conforms to DNV – ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE standards; they guarantee smooth operation and low noise.

They are available in different configurations and designs such as planetary, helical, worm and customized gear boxes. With our innovative solutions in the reducer gearbox industry, we have introduced new technologies that optimize productivity and reliability. Whether you need a high torque, low backlash or varying mounting position (M1-M6). At SGR, we have all possible designs and configurations.

Planetary Gearbox

SGR planetary gearbox (N series) features a compact size, low noise operation and excellent durability.Every SGR gearbox is designed to allow for proportional distribution of torque with a heavy duty load bearing capability on a low-speed shaft.

Worm Gearbox

SGR worm gearbox features a high torque capacity – 2 to 3 times higher than normal worm gears. As a premier worm gearbox manufacturer, SGR has introduced three vital equipment…

Helical Gearbox

As a premier helical gearbox manufacturer, at SGR, we understand the dynamic challenges in the industry. These include quiet operation, robust design, high loading, high strength gears, maximum efficiency and reliability.

Customized Gearbox

At SGR, we customize gearboxes for unique application requirements for our clients. It doesn’t matter whether you need SGR’s planetary, right angle, helical or worm gearbox…


SGR accessories main used for SGR gearbox , hydraulic brake for planetary gear box , shaft coupling for gearbox connection ,etc.

Parts of Wheelchair Lift

Parts of Wheelchair Lift ,main included : Gear Racks , small gear motor , special motors ,electromagnetic brake, etc.

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