Series N : Industrial Planetary Gearbox
Output speed0.425‐445 r/min
Ratio range1.3.15‐9000
Input power0.25‐55KW
Mounting positionB5,V1, V3 etc.
Mounting dimensionsStandard
Reduction ratioi >3
Permit torque range≤ 540000N. M
Series N : Inline Planetary Gearbox

SGR inline planetary gearbox (series N) comes in a rigid and precise nodular casting iron casing. With a low noise operation and high-quality manufacturing process (ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE certified); every inline planetary gearbox (series NE) is designed for heavy duty applications. A reason why they can withstand strong radial or axial loads on the output shaft.

Our unique planetary gearbox working principle makes these gearboxes bear a big radial load due to the proportionate distribution of torque. Also, every SGR inline planetary gearbox (series NE) has female and male configurations.

Moreover, SGR is the only high torque planetary gearbox manufacturer that has invested in R&D, you are guaranteed of high-quality reducer gearboxes.

Also, with all our inline planetary gearboxes (series NE), you can achieve different gear reduction ratios (at least 1 to 5) and different output speeds. Therefore, you can adapt every inline planetary gear to suit your manufacturing needs and requirements.

Key Features
  • Modular design,combined according to customer requirement
  • Heavy bearing, Design for heavy duty Application
  • Hardened gearing, long life with high reliability
  • Low-speed shaft design