3 Stage Planetary Gearbox
Output speed0.425‐445 r/min
Ratio range39.71-456.44
Input power0.25‐55KW
Mounting positionall positions
Mounting dimensionsStandard /custom
Reduction ratioi >3
Permit torque range≤ 540000N. M
Series N3: 3 Stage Planetary Gearbox

SGR’s 3 stage planetary gearbox (series N3) feature a wide range of low speed shaft designs such as: cylindrical with key, splined, hollow with shrink disc or splined hollow shaft.

Every SGR three stage planetary gearbox has a high capacity output bearing. Therefore, all our 3 stage planetary gearboxes guarantee a high axial and radial capacity. Also, they are resistant to tilting moment, thereby, increasing reliability and efficiency of SGR gearbox.

Being a quality conscious planetary gearbox manufacturer; the tooth profiles of all our 3 stage planetary gearboxes are precisely machined to guarantee low noise operation.

Whether you need a flange, foot or shaft mounting solution, we shall machine it to your specifications. Again, every gearbox part is subjected to a strict quality inspection process before shipment.

With your planetary gear calculator, you can choose from a wide range of speed and torque outputs. Our 3 stage planetary gearboxes are available in modular design allowing for easy customization.

In addition to these, every 3 stage planetary gearbox has a robust and stable support. This ensures every gear box offers a high torsion rigidity.

Key Features
  • Modular design,combined according to customer requirement
  • Heavy bearing, Design for heavy duty Application
  • Hardened gearing, long life with high reliability
  • Low speed shaft design
How To Select exact SGR planetary gear box model  : 
Key Technical Parameter :
1, Driving Power :  HP / Kw
2, Ratio :
3: Output Torque :    N.m


Torque range1000 … 540000 NmInputIEC Flange
Mechanical rating (n1 = 1500 min-1)up to 200kWElectric motor
Gear ratios39.71-456.44Solid input shaft with or without fan cooling – inch or metric dims.
Gear unit versionsApplicable AC motorsIntegral motors and brake motors
Right angle (with bevel gear set)IEC-normalized motors and brake motors
Mounting typeFootSingle and dual speed motors
Flange mountedMain brake featuresDC and AC supply
Torque-armFaster brake reaction through electronically controlled rectifier
Output shaft optionsSolid shaftMain motor optionsThermistors and thermostat sensors
Splined shaftIndependent forced cooling
Female splined shaftLine driver and push-pull incremental encoder
Hollow shaft with shrink disc


N series planetary gearbox torque sheet with models

Gear unit size200201240241280281353/354355400401
Normal output torque
Gear unit size428429445446510542543695810885
Normal output torque



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