Mobile Equipment

SGR mobile equipment series gearbox  main included : planetary gearbox for horizontal directional drilling , Rotary Drilling Rig , helical gear motor three-dimensional parking garage etc oil & gas field .

SGR planetary gear box with hydraulic motor for Horizontal Directional Drilling

SGR planetary reduction gearbox  wide use on Horizontal Directional Drilling , model from 200 to 696 . send your technical parameter to SGR technical team , Engineer will reply for your a complete solution .


SGR planetary gearbox for Rotary Drilling Rig

SGR planetary gearbox for Rotary Drilling Rig , according to various actual output torque , SGR planetary gear reduction reducer has corresponding model .

0.75 ~ 9 m³ Concrete Mixer Gearbox

SGR right angle planetary gearbox wide use in 0.75 ~ 9 m³ concrete mixer , with compact structure ,high torque powerful working condition,SGR contrete mixer planetary gearbox configuration is highly versatile , because several options is available for different mounting , the gear layout , gearbox output shaft and motor interface etc.

all SGR planetary gearbox  features are available for each unit of the 30 gearbox model range .

Planetary Gear Reducer Used In Tmr Mixer/ Fodder

TMR mixer is one of popular application of SGR planetary gear box, As one of well-known planetary gearbox manufacturer, SGR provide several common models for Agricultural Machine; , Gear reducer, planetary gear reduction, feed mixer gearbox,

SGR helical gear motor for Mechanical Stereo Garage Lifting and Traversing

SGR helical gear motor for Mechanical three dimensional parking garage S Lifting -Traverse class . SGR have full solution , please consult to SGR technical department if you have any query .

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