Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox
ModelSeries F
sizeF37 – F157
Ratio3.81 – 267.43
Output Torque200–18000 N.m
Rating Power6/25HP–267HP
Mounting PositionM1 – M6


Series F: Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox

With SGR parallel shaft helical gearbox (series F) you can achieve an output torque of 200 – 1800 Nm and a power rating of 0.18kW to 200kW. When used with our parallel shaft helical gear motors, it becomes a perfect combination for parallel shaft transmission.

SGR is a reputable parallel shaft helical gearbox & helical reducer supplier; a reason we have adopted high quality manufacturing process – conforms to DNV- ISO 900:2008, SGS and CE standards.

Our modular designs of parallel shaft helical gearbox guarantees a lot of flexibility and customization. Every SGR parallel shaft helical gearbox and parallel shaft helical gear motor are precisely machined and accurately assembled.

Every helical inline gearbox has a compact design. Whether you need a parallel shaft helical gearbox with 96% of 2-stage, 94% of 3-stage or 85% of F/R average; SGR offers a perfect solution.

All SGR parallel shaft helical gearbox axis and gears are manufactured from high strength alloy steel. Also, they are subjected to heat treatment. This improves rigidity and strength.

These parallel shaft helical gearboxes and motors are durable, guarantee high efficiency, with low noise during operation.

Key Features of Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox

  • Parallel shaft transmission
  • Helical and hardened gear
  • Low noise and long lifetime
  • Multi position mounting


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ModelShaft Dia.(mm)Center HeightOutput Flange Dia.PowerRatioPermitted TorqueWeight
SolidHollow(H7)(mm)(mm) (kw)(Nm)(KGS)
Remark: the weight without oil and motor, shaft and flange input add 10%.