Bucket Elevator Drive Gearbox
Progression TD160-315
Ratio12.5 – 160
Output Torque 5.5-240K N.m
Progression3 -4
Mounting PositionM1 – M6

Bucket Elevator Drive Gearbox

Bucket Elevator Drives Features can be applied in driving mechanisms of belt conveyor, trolley conveyor, scraper conveyor,bucket conveyor,trolley conveyor, screw conveyor, vibration conveyor and various kinds of conveyors.
Bucket Elevator  series gear box is a gear box specially designed according to application situation and transmission characteristics of bucket conveyor. It is first-choice matching products for domestic and foreign bucket elevator manufacturers. SGR Bucket Elevator gear box has the following characteristics:

Application industries

Modular, high standardization, components of few specifications and models.
Wide power, torque, speed ratio covering range.
The products are widely applied in electricity, coal, cement, metallurgy, harbor, agriculture, military industry, shipping, lifting, environment protection, stage, logistic, weaving, paper making, light industry, plastics and other regions.

Key Features of Bucket Elevator Drive Gearbox

  • Main transmission bevel helical gear unit  and auxiliary transmission helical bevel gear motor are of integrated design, the structure is compact.Main and auxiliary driving can be automatically switched with electric control.Remote control doesn’t need extra manual operation, which is convenient for installation and debugging of users.
  • Auxiliary transmission helical bevel gear motor can satisfy customers’ requirements during maintenance. (But maintenance can only be done under empty loading(vacum up equipment material storage).
  • Main gear box is equipped with back stop device.It can prevent reverse rotation when the device stops or has faults.
  • Main gear box is 3-level transmission,reduction ratio range is 20-90, can provide gear box with larger ratio according to customer requirements.