Helical Gearbox

As a premier helical gearbox manufacturer, at SGR, we understand the dynamic challenges in the industry. These include quiet operation, robust design, high loading, high strength gears, maximum efficiency and reliability.

Every SGR helical gearbox is subjected to strict quality inspection. All gears conform to the DNV- ISO 900:2008, SGS and CE quality standards. Also, we have a wide  range of helical gearbox series such as: G, R, F, K and S.

Series G : Helical Gear Motor

SGR series G helical gear motor has advantage of high torque with small volume , it is popular in food equipment etc.

Series HB: Bevel Helical Gear reducer

SGR Bevel Helical Gear reducer Features can be applied in driving mechanisms of belt conveyor, trolley conveyor, scraper etc ,helical gear box manufacturer

Series R : Inline Helical Gearbox

Our SGR inline helical gearbox (series R) comes with a grade cast iron housing and high strength steel gears…

Series F: Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox

With SGR parallel shaft helical gearbox (series F) you can achieve an output torque of 200 – 1800 Nm and a power rating of 0.18kW to 200kW….

Series K : Helical Bevel Gearbox

SGR helical bevel gearbox (series K) is unique for its right angle transmission. When coupled to a helical gear motor…

Series S: Helical Worm Gearbox

SGR helical worm gearbox (series S) has a torque output of 90 to 4,000 Nm with a power rating of 0.18 kW to 22 kW…

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