Foot Mounted Cycloidal Gearbox

ModelX/B 1 – 117
Ratio range9 – 446571
Input power0.25‐55KW
Mounting positionM1 – M6
Mounting dimensionStandard /Custom
Dia. of output shaftφ22-φ140
Allow Max. Torque up to 20000 N.m

SGR foot mounted cyclo drive gear reducer divide into :
X series:1,2,3,4,5, 6,7,8,9,10,11
B series:12,15,18,22,27,33,39,45,55
it has single stage cyclo drive gear reducer , double stage cycloidal gear reducer .foot mounted type cycloidal speed reducer has below classification :
XW.. : X series, single stage, foot-mounted
XL.. : X series, double stage, flange-mounted
XWE..: X series, double stage, foot-mounted
XLE..: X series, double stage, flange-mounted
BW.. : B series, single stage, foot-mounted
BL.. : B series, single stage, flange-mounted
BWE..: B series, double stage, foot-mounted
BLE..: B series, double stage, flange-mounted
Confirm cycloidal gear unit size basic technical parameter :
1-Confirm gear unit series :
X series:1,2,3,4,5, 6,7,8,9,10,11
B series:12,15,18,22,27,33,39,45,55
2-Input structure:
connect with motor, indicate
indicate motor type and power
with input shaft, omit sign
connect with IEC flange,
indicate flange frame
3-Transmission ratio
4-Mounting position
5-Terminal box position for foot-mounted
SGR standard single stage cycloidal gear reducer datasheet :
1-Customized cyclo drive gear reducer ,please consult SGR technical department .
2-Below 15Kw motor power , SGR provide 4 Pole AC induction motor , above 18.5Kw motor , SGR offer 6 pole AC induction motor .
Double stage cycloidal gear reducer  :

ProductsCatalogue NameSizePublish DateDownload
pdf-30X27Cycloidal Pin Wheel Gearmotors and Gear Units - SGRSeries F Parallel-Shaft helical Gear box 2 MBAug 28, 2016download-logo-icon

SGR single stage horizontal type gear reducer dimension table :



Double Stage horizontal type  cycloidal gear reducer dimension :



1-The unit size is milimeters in table .