Offshore Platform adjustment nut
NameAdjustment nut
Output TorqueCustomized
Rating PowerCustomized
Mounting PositionCustomized

At SGR, we customize Offshore Platform adjustment nut for unique application requirements for our clients. It doesn’t matter whether you need SGR’s planetary, right angle, helical or worm gearbox. With our modular design technique alongside our dedicated R&D team, we shall make a customized Offshore Platform adjustment nut for your specific requirements.

Our experienced engineers have design Offshore Platform adjustment nut, build and installed a vast line of both customized and standard gearboxes.

SGR pioneered a new gearbox transmission system. It has so far been adopted by most industries due to its efficiency and reliability. So, you can always count on SGR engineers to customize your gearboxes.

Be it a customized gearbox that should have: very low backlash, high precision, smooth operation, high efficiency (over 98%), speed reducers, quiet operation, unique design, a wide range torque (T2 ≤ 160 000 Nm) or high transmission power. SGR is the only gearbox manufacturer you can trust with such critical tasks.

For more information or inquiries about our customized gearboxes, please contact our technical team.