Customized Gearbox

As a premier helical gearbox manufacturer, at SGR, we understand the dynamic challenges in the industry. These include quiet operation, robust design, high loading, high strength gears, maximum efficiency and reliability.

As customers requirement , SGR continue to develop new series customized gearbox ,speed reducer .

Double enveloping worm gear reducer for forklift

SGR customize gearboxes for unique application requirements for our clients included double enveloping worm gear reducer for forklift .

Paper Cutter Worm Gearbox

SGR Paper Cutter Worm Gearbox has advantage of high torque , long time runnning ,wide used on Paper Cutter  etc.

Offshore platform adjustment nut

With SGR Offshore platform adjustment nut, you can achieve an output torque of 200 – 1800 Nm and a power rating of 0.18kW to 200kW….

Special Application gearbox

SGR Special Application gearbox  is unique for its right angle transmission. When coupled to a helical gear motor…

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